Forensic Accounting

Criminal and fraudulent activity can negatively impact your company’s bottom line, damage reputational integrity, undermine investor confidence, and attract regulatory scrutiny. As financial crimes increasingly grow in complexity and sophistication, it is imperative for businesses to respond effectively to mitigate the effect of such threats.

Be it accounting fraud or embezzlement, our team of forensic accounting professionals can help your business investigate and uncover case facts, identify remediation actions, submit restatements of cashflow, income statements and balance sheets where necessary, and liaise with regulators and external parties where required.

We work closely with our Technology team and utilise advanced forensic tools to gather facts and evidence to assess the issue and help clients to respond effectively. We deploy data analytics tools where applicable to quickly uncover anomalies and identify trends in order to have a comprehensive understanding of the issue and provide inputs.

Our team of accounting professionals will work closely with your legal team to uncover fraudulent activities efficiently, and can serve as expert witness in a court of law when required.

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