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Risk management should always be treated as an integral part of doing business. It works the same as having great defenders in a successful football team

Gary Ng


A Certified Internal Auditor and Chartered Accountant, Gary has more than 15 years of experience in internal and external auditing, pre-IPO internal control reviews, Sarbanes-Oxley reviews, enterprise risk management, corporate governance, license compliance, data protection and other consulting work relating to risks and internal controls.

Gary’s previous role was the Head of Internal Audit at a Top 10 accounting firm where he managed a portfolio of more than 30 listed companies and led a team of about 20 team members.

Gary is also a Singapore Certified Management Consultant (“SCMC”) and has assisted many companies in applying for government grants in the areas of internal controls, risk management and data protection.


  • Corporate Governance
  • Internal Controls and Risk Management
  • Compliance Review
  • Data Protection Advisory

Roles Held

  • Director and Head of Internal Audit at a Top 10 accounting firm
  • Internal Audit Manager at a Big 4 accounting firm
  • External Auditor at a mid-tier Accounting firm