Damage Assessment

Disagreements over the value of damages arising from business disputes and incidents of loss are often unavoidable. Our damages assessment services can help you to quantify losses and help you to present your claims in an impartial, objective, and factually sound manner.

By tapping on powerful forensics software and techniques, coupled with our extensive experience in advising clients in different sectors and industries, we help you to safeguard the value of your business. As a trusted business partner, we aim to provide timely consultancy services relating to business contracts and transactions to enable our clients to make sound decisions.

We provide damages assessment for:
1) Breach of contract
2) Business disruption
3) Disputes
4) Loss of profits
5) Intellectual property infringement
6) Malpractice
7) Financial statement misrepresentation
8) Financial Fraud

Our proven methodology includes establishing the causes of the damage incident, quantifying the amount of damage suffered, carrying out a thorough review and where necessary, providing expert witness testimony in a court of law to support the case brought forth by legal counsel.

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