Personal Data Protection (PDPA) Services

At TRS Forensics Pte Ltd, we understand that with the numerous local and regional regulations and guidelines on Personal Data Protection, it could be a challenge for organisations to be fully compliant with these provisions. Having obtained the Data Protection Trustmark Certification and undergoing a comprehensive audit process by government appointed auditors, our team of professionals are well versed with Personal Data Protection laws and have the expertise to advise clients from different industries.

Our services include
- Advisory work on preparing policies, procedures and enhancing current practices to meet the obligations stated in the Personal Data Protection Act and other relevant Data Protection legislation;

- Review of the collection, storage, retention, purpose, removal and destruction of Personal Data;

- Information Technology (IT) consultancy service and implementation of IT solutions to track Personal Data queries, complaints and the resolution process

- Outsourcing services for Data Protection Officer function

- Conduct training and seminars for internal stakeholders and organising talks for external parties to enhance their knowledge on Personal Data Protection

- Advise clients on grants and financial assistance applicable to Personal Data Protection

- Work together with clients interested in the DPTM certification to plan a route map to attaining the certificate by providing advisory service, IT solutions and implementation of new measures and processes to meet the requirements of the program

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