Investigation and Special Audit
(including Financial Crime Compliance)

As fraud and misconduct siphons billions of dollars every year from businesses globally and destroys reputations, boards and management at all levels are necessitated to conduct investigation swiftly to uncover the truth.

The following fraud/misconducts are just some of which TRS Forensics professionals can help businesses to uncover:

- Financial Statement irregularities

- Violation of accounting standards or local legislations

- Improper relationships with vendors, suppliers or clients

- Conflict of interest involving family members or political figures

- Asset and intellectual property misappropriation

By leveraging our extensive forensics capabilities to extract and analyse evidence from a wide range of digital media sources, coupled with powerful data analytics tools to identify trends and anomalies in records, our team of highly qualified professionals are able to provide an independent and reliable means of establishing case facts, evaluate repercussions, identify applicable corrective actions, submit restatements if necessary and communicate with regulators or third parties where required.

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