Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Do you want to assess and benchmark the Cybersecurity defences and policies applied to safeguard your IT systems?

VAPT is your solution to determine the effectiveness of your Cybersecurity defences and policies against attackers. Rather than let your adversaries exploit vulnerabilities in your IT systems and damage your reputation, let us help you identify and remediate these vulnerabilities first.

Our Cybersecurity experts employ industry standard VAPT frameworks, procedures, and best practices to identify risks and address potential threats against your systems.


Our lead penetration testing consultant Jubaer AlNazi is highly qualified. He goes by the handle h33t and has achieved over 3000 points in the HackerOne bug bounty programme.

The bounties he has collected include those awarded by corporations such as Grab, Uber, Google, Priceline, Airbnb and Verizon. The impact of his findings is rated at the 91st percentile. His latest accomplishments can be viewed here.

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