Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Need to analyse and visualise your logs? Need to uncover abnormal, irregular or unusual transactions?

Have huge amounts of data and need to query specific patterns out of these logs?

Too many false positives from your traditional SIEM tool?

Need to detect/audit suspicious transactions from your expenses claims, GLs, payroll, vendor payments?

We seek to understand your industry and current problems/pains to propose an appropriate data analytics and machine learning solution for you.

Our Methodology & Tools

Apache MXNet, Python, TensorFlow, Tableau, R, Splunk, Hadoop, Elasticsearch, Lostash, Kibana, NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, StatsModels, MathplotLib, Scikit-learn. You don't have to worry with all the jargon and tools. Leave that to us to sort out. TRS Data Analytics

Why Us?

Tools are secondary. Data scientist and domain experts are our strength. As the saying goes, "garbage in garbage out". Our experts strive to make sense of your data and oncerns to deploy the right solution for you. We have experience working on many complex data analytics cases containing large volumes of server and application logs for commercial and criminal cases.

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